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Summer, Sunshine & Soul

Tonight’s live broadcast is now available on Mixcloud Or via the Listen again page at where there is also an off-line podcast available to download too

Tuesday 3rd July Soul Scene repeat

Due to technical problems at RVR, Soul Scene with Louise Bugeja was not recorded last Tuesday and the quality of our recording of the show here at KTFIR was unfortunately not good enough to enable us to re broadcast it today. We do sincerely apologise to you.

New Music

Sorry If anyone was listening, but crucial update was needed to the station software, plus we’ve added another 50 tracks to the playlist

Deadly Silence

I discovered 10 minutes from the end of tonight’s show that the microphone had not been broadcasting. Everything sounded normal through the headphones so I had no idea. I wasn’t sure I would make it home in time to do a live show this week, as a back up IRead More

Back On Air

So having decided the problem wasn’t their end, virginmedia suddenly noticed that actually it was. We are now back on air thankfully.

Station Offline update

Unfortunately the connection problem cannot be sorted out today. A virginmedia engineer will be with me between 4 and 7 pm tomorrow. I am hoping we can be back on air in time to stream Soul Scene as usual.

Station offline

I am aware the station is offline, unfortunately day job means I am unable to correct this until I arrive home somewhere between 4.30 & 5pm. Please accept my apologies.

Facebook Cam

You can watch us live on the cam at For copyright reasons there is no sound, so you still need to have the station open in another tab.

Summer, Sunshine, and Soul Playlist 2nd June

Tonight’s playlist is now uploaded to website. Scroll to the bottom of Summer, Sunshine and Soul page and follow the link

New Music

We have added 100 new track to the station this weekend. Enjoy!

Birthday Wishes

Soul Scene with Louise Bugeja

Live on this evening Keep The Faith Internet Radio in association with Roch Valley Radio between 8pm & 10pm “Soul Scene” with Louise Bugeja. Two hours of great Northern Soul and Motown music for your Listening pleasure

New Music

Station offline until about 21.30 whilst I add another 100 or so tracks to the playlist

Listen again

Roch Valley’s Soul Scene with Louise Bugeja is now available Listen Again

Soul Scene

Unfortunately the stream from Roch Valley Radio went down tonight and we were unable to bring the last 20 minutes of what was a brilliant show, this was outside of the control of both Roch Valley Radio and Keep The Faith Internet Radio and we do apologise to you all.


Podcasts of our “Saturday Night Live” shows are now available for you to download and listen off-line. Just go to the “Listen Again” page and click the podcast link

Satuday Night Live

“Saturday Night Live” on air  8-10pm Please get music requests in by 5pm

Tuesday’s Soul Scene

Sadly due to technical problems Roch Valley Radio were unable to record last Tuesday’s (16th Jan) Soul Scene  with Louise Bugeja, however there are many episodes of this great show on their mixcloud page and you can catch up with them all here.                   Read More

More Tunes

Another 54 new Motown  tracks added to the playlist tonight

Soul Scene

Big thank you for a fantastic show tonight by Louise Bugeja. We will repost the mixcloud recording to the website once Roch Valley radio upload it, so that you can either listen again or  if you missed it, hear it for the first time!

Break In Service

Keep The Faith Internet Radio is a hobby and not a commercially run station and whilst I try to keep the service running 24/7, there are occasions like today where the music computer that feeds the server freezes during the day when I’m at work.  I do apologise for anyRead More


What a fantastic 2 hours of great music by Louise Bugeja. Can’t wait to listen again when Roch Valley Radio upload it to mixcloud Our next show is “Saturday night live” This coming Saturday 8pm – 10pm please send dedications/requests via the form.

“Saturday Night Live” 6Th January

Please get music requests for tonight’s show to us by 5pm

New Live Show

A Big announcement will be made during this weeks “Saturday Night Live” regarding to a collaboration which will result in a new live show Tuesday evenings from 8pm until 10pm

Soul Scene with Louise Bugeja – 02/01/2018

Last nights Soul Scene with Louise Bugeja can be heard from the SHOWS FROM OTHER STATIONS AND DJ’S page

New Music

So just shy of 200 tracks added to station playlist since Christmas

Tam’s Hogmanay Party

Tam’s Hogmanay Party Tonight 7pm

“Saturday Night Live” Recording

A copy of last nights show has been uploaded to mix cloud  

Tonight’s Live Show

“Saturday night live” this evening 8pm until 10pm. Please get music requests to us by 5pm. Listen to the show at or catch it later on mixcloud

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