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The Tuesday Soul Cellar


The Tuesday Soul Cellar - 19:00 - 21:00

This Vinyl only show is hosted 3 weeks out of 4 by Steve O'Brien and on the 4th week by Andy Bebbington.

Both presenters are playing music from their own personal collection

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The Tuesday Soul Cellar crew

Steve O'Brien presents the hugely popular Tuesday Soul Cellar. Steve Originally grew up in Stevenage and was a Mod revivalist in the late 70's, it was his love of that music, scooters and a move to Northamptonshire which led him to Northern Soul. His love for the music and passion for broadcasting is infectious and was described favourably as a Tiger on acid

Andy Bebbington first appeared on Keep The Faith Internet Radio as a guest on Bob's Sunday Soul Vinyl Only Special Since then he has covered for many Presenters including Bob, & Steve O'Brien. Andy enjoy's presenting, but a busy life prevents him from committing too often, but does now Present the Tuesday Soul Cellar every 4th week. Andy originates from Cheshire and was a regular at the once famous Wigan Casino which dominated the all-nighter scene for many years and is a resident DJ for Aylesbury Soul Club  

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